IPC2U Industrial PCs

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First-class Industrial PCs for demanding applications

Industrial PCs are crucial for precise, reliable, and robust processes in the industry. They are specifically designed for industrial companies and cover a wide range of products. The product range includes:

  • 19″ 2U Rackmount PCs: space-saving solutions, ideal for server rooms and control cabinets, durable and energy-efficient.
  • 19″ 4U Rackmount PCs: maximum performance and expandability for demanding applications, reliable and robust construction.
  • Tower PCs: flexible and powerful workstations, modular and customizable, sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Compact Industrial PCs: high-performance and space-saving for mobile applications, robust and durable.
  • Industrial Displays: clear view and easy operation, rugged and scratch-resistant.
  • Workstations: high-performance for demanding applications, expandable and robust.
  • Embedded PCs: integrated solutions, space-saving and energy-efficient, compatible with various operating systems and interfaces.
  • In-Vehicle PCs: reliable on-board computers for vehicles, powerful and rugged, advanced communication capabilities.

Our industrial PCs offer solutions for every requirement, from space-saving rackmount PCs to high-performance workstations and reliable in-vehicle PCs. Trust our expertise and be convinced by our diverse product range.

Industrial PCs

Here you will find 19″ 2U and 19″ 4U industrial rack PCs.

Embedded PCs

Here you will find fanless embedded box PCs and in-vehicle PCs.

Industrial Displays

12″ – 24″ Displays.


Here you will find Workstations.

Industrial Tablets

Here you will find Industrial Tablets.