In-Vehicle-PC-System, Intel i5-1145GRE CPU, up to 32GB DDR4 RAM, 2xHDMI, 1xDP, 4xUSB, 4xCOM, 8-bit DIO, 4xRJ45 LAN, 2×2.5″ SATA (RAID 0/1), M.2 2080 PCIe x4, 2xMini-PCIe, 9..48V DC-in, -40..70C operating temperature


EVT310R-i5-4L In-Vehicle PC System for High-Performance Mobile Computing

Introducing the EVT310R-i5-4L, a rugged and high-performance In-Vehicle PC System specifically designed for deployment in vehicles and mobile applications. Powered by an Intel i5-1145GRE processor and supporting up to 32GB DDR4 RAM, this robust system delivers the computing power needed to run demanding applications such as navigation, data analysis and recording, and multimedia streaming.

With a wide array of connectivity options, including 2xHDMI, 1xDP, 4xUSB, 4xCOM, 4xRJ45 LAN, and an 8-bit DIO, the EVT310R-i5-4L offers versatile connectivity for peripherals and networks. This makes it the perfect solution for fleet management, logistics, public transportation, and other applications requiring in-vehicle data transfer and processing.

The EVT310R-i5-4L also provides flexible storage options with 2×2.5″ SATA (RAID 0/1), M.2 2080 PCIe x4, and 2xMini-PCIe expansion slots, enabling users to customize the system to meet their specific requirements and expand it with additional storage devices, wireless communication modules, and other extensions.

Designed for reliable performance in harsh environments, the EVT310R-i5-4L features a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 70┬░C and a 9 to 48V DC input voltage range. This makes it suitable for use in challenging environments such as construction equipment, commercial vehicles, military vehicles, and other applications where a dependable and resilient system is essential.

In summary, the EVT310R-i5-4L is a powerful In-Vehicle PC System specifically engineered for mobile applications. With its extensive connectivity options, flexible storage solutions, and rugged design, it is the ideal solution for applications requiring reliable and high-performance data transfer and processing in vehicles. If you’re looking for a dependable In-Vehicle PC System that meets your needs, the EVT310R-i5-4L is the right choice for you.

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In-Vehicle-PC-System EVT310R-i5-4L: Intel i5 CPU, 4x RJ45 LAN and 2×2.5″ SATA (RAID 0/1)

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Variety of Interfaces available.

The EVT310R-i5-4L in-vehicle PC system has 2 HDMI, 1 DP, 4 USB, 4 COM, 8-bit DIO and 4 RJ45 LAN interfaces.

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